Nova Scotia Visions of the future



  • Harry Thurston “Of Fish and Fog”
  • Marq de Villiers “A Dangerous Idea”
  • Elizabeth May “A Vision for Nova Scotia in Twenty Years”
  • Geoff Regan “Nova Scotia in 2025″
  • Budge Wilson “One Kind of Vision”
  • Farley Mowat “Beyond Farley’s Ark”
  • Patricia Doyle-Bedwell “We are Mi’kmaq: thriving into the twenty-first century”
  • Peter Stoffer “On the Future of the Fishery”
  • Carol Ann-Cole “Nova Scotia — Now and Then”
  • Daniel Paul “A Proposal to Defeat Racism”
  • Joan Baxter “Dancing a Jig on Citadel Hill”

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