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I’m Movin’ On: The Life and Legacy of Hank Snow

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We are pleased to have the new book by Vernon Oickle titled, “I’m Movin’ On“. Vernon Oickle is a local author who was born in Liverpool. Author of 13 books, he continues to enjoy writing and spending time with his family.

The book, “Movin’ On” follows the life and times of singing legend Hank Snow. Born in tiny Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Hank Snow enjoyed a musical career that spanned five decades and sales of more than 80 million albums. Oickle chronicles Snow’s life, from his destitute childhood in Queens County to international fame. He also exposes the highs and lows of Snow’s career, and his journey (“Everywhere, man,”) from small East Coast radio stations to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Stop in and pick up this amazing read and follow Hank on his life journey. Includes a foreword from Hank’s son, Jimmie Rodgers Snow, a timeline, discography, and 75 photographs.

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