A New Kind of Monster: the Secret Life and Chilling Crimes of Colonel Russell Williams

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When Williams pulled up at the roadblock, he was politely quizzed by Constable Russ Alexander … [He] looked at Williams’ Pathfinder, measured the width between its wheels and concluded that there wasn’t an exact match between its wheels with the mysterious SUV. But the Pathfinder’s Toyo Open Country H/T tires were a different story. Particularly noticeable was the front left tire, which appeared to closely resemble one of the telltale tracks. Alexander said nothing, filled out his questionnaire, and with a nod and a wave the colonel was soon on his way up Highway 37, heading toward his lakeside hideaway on Cosy Cove Lane.

But back at the roadblock, an animated discussion was taking place about whether to pull the alarm cord and place surveillance on the colonel. Alexander knew who Williams was — he was a distinguished guy, the boss of 8 Wing — and he made the case that even though his tires seemed to match the tracks, it was probably a coincidence. If anyone would be above suspicion, it surely must be Colonel Williams. One of the Belleville officers vigorously disagreed, and after an argument Alexander relented. So as Williams drove up the highway, Alexander was speaking into his cell phone, his tone urgent and insistent. “Surveillance”, he was saying. “Now. Right now.”

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