Hitman Anders and The Meaning of it All

In his latest book, again takes you on a wild ride of laughs, twists and finding you are- or who you were meant to be.

The story revolves around Hitman Anders. Recently out of jail, he picks up odd jobs for gangsters to keep his life interesting.

But when he meets a female Protestant vicar (whom is also an atheist) and a homeless receptionist at a formal brothel the three join forces to create a business plan using Anders’ skills and name to add some spice to their plan. The vicar and receptionist will organize jobs for a group of gangsters, and will attract customers using the tabloids’ love of lurid headlines.

Fast-paced and sparky, the novel follows these bizarre but loveable characters on their quest to create a New Church, with all of Sweden’s gangsters hunting them. Along the way, it explores the consequences of fanaticism, the sensationalist press, the entrepreneurial spirit and straightforward human stupidity—and underlying all of it, the tenuous hope that it’s never too late start again.

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