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Meet Otto Strasser Biographer in Paradise NS

Article Added: April 13, 2011
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We invite you to meet H. Millard Wright, author of “Otto Strasser in Paradise: Nazi in Nova Scotia“, at an event in Paradise on Saturday 14th May 2011. The Inside Story, in cooperation with Pottersfield Press and hosts “Word in the Hall” will be there presenting this book for sale.

“Word in the Hall” attracts local authors, publishers, and book lovers from throughout Nova Scotia, to come together and discuss new literature.

(The YouTube Video has been removed at the request of Word in the Hall and Pottersfield Press)

2 Comments on Meet Otto Strasser Biographer in Paradise NS

  1. Terry mc Garry says:

    I am the archivist at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame and we have in our museum a Autographed picture of Hitler taken in 1928.
    The picture is dedicated to Gregor Strasser, and I’m wondering if this is the photo refered to on page 79 in the book ‘OTTO STRASSER IN PARADISE’.
    W’ere not sure how Fr Murray acquired the Photo and we are hoping Mr Wright can
    shed some light on it.
    If anyone wishes to call I can be reached at 306 732 1275.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
    Terry Mc Garry.

  2. H. Millard Wright says:

    By chance came across your request. I have researched Otto Strasser for years
    but I do not know if the photo in question is the one you have. Any references I have
    to is just present it as anonymous . Interesting you would have a copy of the book.

    Millard Wright

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