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Ami McKay to come to Greenwood NS

Article Added: May 22, 2011
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Word just in! Look who’s coming for a book signing event!

Author Ami McKay is headed to Greenwood NS to present and sign her new book “Virgin Cure“. The Inside Story was able to bring Ami to our area, when she rocked the literary world with her best seller “Birth House”.

Again, we are excited to bring Ami McKay here, to meet you face-to-face at this book signing event.

Saturday 03Dec2011.
Details to follow.

You can reserve your book now by calling 902-765-6116 or 800-565-6116 or linking to Virgin Cure


Comments on Ami McKay to come to Greenwood NS

  1. Jan says:

    Loved Ami’s first book and looking forward to her next one. Unfortunately I can’t plan to attend the book signing if you don’t list the date.

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